aortic bifurcation

bifurcation aortique

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  • Aortic dissection — Classification and external resources Dissection of the aorta descendens (3), which starts from the left subclavian artery, reaching to the abdominal aorta (4). Aorta ascendens (1) and aortic arch (2) are not involved …   Wikipedia

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  • Aortic window — The aortic window is a normally radiolucent region below the aortic arch. It is formed by the bifurcation of the trachea and traversed by the left pulmonary artery. It is visible in the left anterior oblique radiograph of the heart and great… …   Wikipedia

  • bifurcation — A forking; a division into two branches. SYN: bifurcatio [TA]. b. of aorta SYN: aortic b.. aortic b. [TA] the division of the aorta into right and left common iliac arteries; it occurs at the level of the fourth and fifth lumbar …   Medical dictionary

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  • abdominal aneurysm — abdominal aortic aneurysm a common type of aneurysm, found in the abdominal aorta, usually in an area of severe atherosclerosis. Abdominal aortic aneurysm. Three dimensional shaded surface display of axial contrast enhanced CT scan, which shows… …   Medical dictionary

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